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Boo | Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

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Meet Boo, the most powerful website builder ever. It’s easy and fast. Let’s explore the magic behind Boo that allows your dream site to come true.

Boo gives you the ability to create any design in minutes without touching a single line of code. It is ridiculously easy to add any template and customise it with Live Website Builder. Import your favourite templates with a single click from filterable categories, and customise them further as much as you desire. Add a portfolio to showcase your work, set up an online shop to sell your products, or promote your business with service boxes.

You can mix and match over 200 modular templates created by the world’s leading designers. It is the most versatile template collection ever built. Literally, within minutes, you can create your unique website. It’s by far the fastest and easiest way to achieve your dream site.

Build any site you can imagine with no coding skills. Sky is the limit!


Version 2.5 – December 8, 2017

New: magazine demo
New: viral demo 
New: joules demo 
New: rosemary demo 
New: rome demo 
New: florence demo
New: peace demo
New: portfolio pages
New: ajax load more button
New: brand new carousel functionality
New: brand new circle progress bar functionality
New: open share box in a new floating window / set cookie for promote box stats
New: style to subscribe form widget
Enhancement: global option to disable parallax
Enhancement: options to set sticky sidebar everywhere on pages/categories/archives/products
Enhancement: functionality for search result page to show different header
Enhancement: search result page options
Enhancement: admin ui
Fixed: issues with retina image
Fixed: blog shortcode
Fixed: timeline items alignment issue
Fixed: blog link color issue
Fixed: issue with promo option
Fixed: search link for 404 page
Fixed: titlewrapper issue with parallax
Fixed: media issues
Fixed: issues if allow_url_fopen disabled
Fixed: issue with pagination on archive pages blog shortcode
Update: infinite addons 1.3 

Version 2.4 – November 15, 2017

New: san francisco demo - brand new demo with SVG separators
New: new store demo - minimal & clean look - packed with advanced woocommerce updates.
New: new product page layout - new image carousel for the featured images and simpler interface
New: boo landing demo  - wordpress version of boo landing page 
New: SVG shape dividers 
New: overlay options for rows - apply overlay color/gradient to the row backgrounds
New: overlay option for titlebars - apply overlay color/gradient to the titlebars 
New: portfolio filter - classic filter style for the portfolio 
New: ajax add to cart for the single product and quick view
New: theme update from our repository - updated directly from the themerella servers
New: sticky header logo options - assign a different logo to the sticky header
New: custom fonts option - upload your own custom font and manage through theme options 
New: option to add any icon font -  you can now upload your own icon font
New: add second featured image on woo products - on hover 
New: custom icons class and options
New: section dividers
New: add to cart ajax functionality on single product
New: add to cart ajax functionality on quickview module
New: grid columns for grid blog style
New: option to apply alt style for single product
New: options to enable titlebar for woo categories
New: vertical carousel navigation for single product gallery
New: filter and shortcode attribute for icon param
New: carousel navigation on multiple images for single product
New: loop option for product single page images
New: tab styles 
Enhancement: headings for single posts when titlebar is off
Enhancement: removed limit quantity of the mega menu posts in menu dashboard
Enhancement: enabled automapper for visual composer 
Enhancement: removed temp.css from enqueue function
Enhancement: improvement on add to cart header module, to prevent issues on old version of the php
Enhancement: tabs shortcodes
Enhancement: header modules after clicking on onepage navigation
Fixed: sidebar issue when there is sticky header
Fixed: issue with some product thumbnails sizes    
Fixed: issue with overlay title wrapper
Fixed: scrollable section issue with flex row
Fixed: issue with use any font plugin and dynamic css custom fonts
Fixed: shop single product page when sidebar enabled
Fixed: issue with woo default shortcode mark-up
Fixed: mobile header issue
Fixed: issue with icons for responsive alignment parameter
Fixed: titlewrapper issue with parallax
Fixed: white color on hover for woo buttons
Fixed: issue with latest posts style
Fixed: issue with header and footer content
Fixed: breaking cards row in safari
Fixed: map shortcode zoom issue 
Fixed: history shortcode conflicting with image
Fixed: preloader style two infinite loading issue
Update: infinite addons 1.2 
Update: woocommerce templates

Version 2.3 – October 23, 2017

New: max font size option for overlay titlebar 
New: overlay option for row backgrounds
Fixed: mobile navigation overlap
Update: infinite addons 1.1.8
Update: revolution slider

Version 2.2 – October 20, 2017

New: centro demo
New: mobile menu layout
New: mobile menu overlay style
New: dropdown menu style 
New: doubled centered menu with logo
Update: updated version of the infinite addons 1.1.7
Enhancement: mobile navigation
Enhancement: color option for mobile navigation trigger
Enhancement: option to menu to convert link in heading
Enhancement: condition to check the if there is post thumb
Fixed: issue with selectors in icon box shortcode
Fixed: preloader issue on safari when clicked on back/forward buttons
Fixed: broken layout for related blog posts
Fixed: issues with cover post style
Fixed: issue with related posts to make it work without thumbs
Fixed: templates category alignment issue

Version 2.1 – October 18, 2017

New: boo universe lazy load
New: new centered header
New: option field max width for logo
New: options to countdown shortcode for translation
Enhancement: boo universe performance 
Enhancement: support for image with direct link in line guided shortcode
Enhancement: part of the new visual composer templates
Enhancement: support images from external link for tooltip images shortcode
Enhancement: shortcodes improvements
Enhancement: blog responsiveness
Enhancement: responsiveness
Enhancement: woo templates
Enhancement: team member changes
Enhancement: search form
Enhancement: z-index issue with main content editor
Enhancement: demo importer
Change: removed envato market from the boo
Change: enabled boo universe by default
Change: condition to show overlay link on portfolio thumb
Fixed: thumbs size on retina for related posts
Fixed: issue with google map infobox
Fixed: logo issue
Fixed: issues with portfolio and contact form
Fixed: counter issue inside tabs
Fixed: z-index issue with main content editor
Fixed: visual composer custom heading shortcode following column align option
Fixed: line guide shortcode
Fixed: issue with image with direct link for flipbox shortcode
Fixed: issue with offset in latest post shortcode
Update: infinite addons 1.1.6
Update: visual composer 5.4.2

Version 2.0 – October 11, 2017

New: snap scoll feature
New: chester prebuilt website 
New: montana prebuilt website  
New: boom prebuilt website  
New: salisbury prebuilt website  
New: wells prebuilt website  
New: chamonix prebuilt website  
New: voss prebuilt website  
New: molde prebuilt website  
New: SaaS prebuilt website  
New: esperance prebuilt website 
New: light logo options
New: three new styles for fullpage navigation
New: preloader revealing style
New: preloader circle animation 
New: option to disable boo universe
Updated: infinite addons 
Enhancement: boosted performance 
Enhancement: documentation 
Enhancement: added tweenmax with panr    
Enhancement: enhanced lightbox functionality
Enhancement: visual composer google fonts optimization
Enhancement: custom labels for countdown shortcode
Enhancement: ajax load more functionality
Enhancement: change on cookie timer for rella check
Fixed: icon box circle
Fixed: image alignment following the column align option    
Fixed: the issue with font families in css
Fixed: counter shortcode color issue
Fixed: conflict issue with vc google fonts and font-families
Fixed: contact form inputs white background color
Fixed: portfolio contents alignment issue
Fixed: fixed fullwidth row issue on fullpage functions
Fixed: issue with mobile logo in main navigation shortcode    
Fixed: header and footer on bbpress templates

Version 1.7 – October 3, 2017

New: header style 
Enhancement: maintenance page on mobile
Fixed: titlebar on portfolio categories archive pages
Fixed: frontend editor js error
Fixed: notice in rella dashboard if updates are enabled for the user
Fixed: fullwidth row when sidebar activated
Fixed: admin menubar rella items

Version 1.6 – September 29, 2017

New: landing demo
Enhancement: performance updates
Enhancement: latest posts optimisation
Enhancement: section shortcode optimisation
Enhancement: column shortcode optimisation
Enhancement: content box shortcode optimisation
Fixed: woo default styles
Fixed: rella activation while child theme activated
Fixed: rella activation on websites with SSL
Fixed: sticky sidebar issue
Update: infinite addons plugin 
Update: revolution slider plugin 

Version 1.5 – September 26, 2017

New: landing demo
New: rella dashboard
New: content box element
New: body background option
New: link to latest posts template full carousel
Enhancement: performance improvements
Enhancement: preloader performance
Enhancement: importer performance
Enhancement: aqua resizer script update
Enhancement: header loading
Enhancement: improvement for content background    
Fixed: svg logo width issue
Fixed: search page issue
Fixed: ajax load more issue
Fixed: full screen navigation
Fixed: issue with rgba auto color    
Fixed: tabs and accent color selectors    
Fixed: icon box animations in tabs    
Fixed: form issues

Version 1.4 – September 18, 2017

New: portfolio four demo 
New: portfolio seven demo 
New: option for button text label launch, in single portfolio item
Enhancement: js files loading optimizations
Enhancement: one-page nav - close the mobile nav after link is clicked
Enhancement: flickity update
Enhancement: portfolio improvements
Enhancement: icon box shortcode
Enhancement: titlebar responsiveness
Enhancement: woo commerce optimizations
Enhancement: maintenance page enhancement
Enhancement: svg titlebar improvements
Enhancement: tabs shortcodes
Enhancement: translatable strings for comments    
Updated: POT file
Fixed: issue with carousel image for gallery blog post on retina
Fixed: issue with post formats in portfolio listing shortcode        
Fixed: svg image not showing on header    
Fixed: maintenance mode scroll issue
Fixed: selectors for button 
Fixed: accordion issue
Fixed: issue with overlay style of titlebar and empty heading enabled    
Fixed: shop page spinner buttons    
Fixed: fullscreen header positioning issue
Fixed: contact form button alignment
Fixed: fixed issue with hexagon icon box style    
Fixed: issue with loading of the theme blog    
Fixed: portfolio single issues
Fixed: twitter carousel icon    
Fixed: load more button issues
Fixed: off-canvas search issue on Firefox    
Fixed: logo alignment issue on shrinked sticky header
Fixed: lightbox issue    
Fixed: lightbox gallery issues    
Fixed: text slide on safari 
Fixed: gallery post issue in blog shortcode    
Fixed: header alignment issue on safari    
Fixed: comment form issues    
Fixed: frontend editor inner scroll issue

Version 1.3 – September 8, 2017

New: sticky header color changing automatically, depending on background color
New: options to add text before and after text with typed effect    
New: option to enable or disable carousel for woo products shortcode
New: colorpicker for border on hover state icon box shortcode
New: typography font options to typed string    
New: portfolio layout
New: portfolio hover style template
New: preloader    
Enhancement: team member & typed shortcodes     
Fixed: animation delay 
Fixed: background color for portfolio listing if gradient is selected

Version 1.2 – September 5, 2017

New: essential one demo
New: essential two demo
New: essential three demo
New: sidemenu
New: scrollspy to onepage navigation
New: button hover curtain effect
New: attr target to blank page for social links
New: data shrink attribute for sticky bar
Enhancement: sticky header
Enhancement: woo commerce woo carousel
Enhancement: cart empty woo template
Enhancement: support for html5 video in portfolio items lightbox
Enhancement: rella animations
Enhancement: carousel improvements
Enhancement: color options for links in theme options
Enhancement: link to portfolio thumb
Fixed: importer stuck at 99%
Fixed: markup for title of the widgets in custom sidebar
Fixed: display of the thumbs in gallery blog posts
Fixed: map issue in modal and tabs 
Fixed: issue with add_action and function theme-hooks.php
Fixed: color counter shortcode
Fixed: popup video alignment
Fixed: hexagon shape height

Version 1.1.1 – August 24, 2017

Enhancement: importer performance

Version 1.1 – August 24, 2017

New: modern four demo 
New: modal window shortcode
New: support for RTL
New: option to add custom portfolio archive link
New: option permanent sticky
New: one page option to header main shortcode
New: background colorpicker for content in theme options
Enhancement: optimized js files for faster page loading
Enhancement: decreased quantity of the queries
Enhanement: underline navigation changes
Enhancement: updated rella font icons 
Enhancement: data importer performance
Enhancement: renamed hover sub styles for portfolio shortcode
Enhancement: sticky header improvements
Enhancement: contact form styles 
Enhancement: boxed layout header form
Enhancement: text slider shortcode 
Enhancement: css file optimizations
Enhancement: header float style
Enhancement: decreased logo height on mobile
Fixed: gallery navigation on mobile
Fixed: retina image for gallery post
Fixed: search icon for ghost style 
Fixed: issues with menu on blog pages
Fixed: gallery post type issue
Fixed: issues with svg titlebar / rtl and headers
Fixed: issue with array in demoImporter
Fixed: full screen navigation position issue
Fixed: mobile menu typography option issue
Fixed: issue with some files in process of unzipping theme
Fixed: minor fix on carousel of the post gallery format type
Fixed: lightbox shortcode
Fixed: hexagon icon box alignment

Version 1.0.2 – August 15, 2017

Fixed: rella dashboard links issue
Fixed: responsive issue
Fixed: minor issue with child-theme
Fixed: demos xml files

Version 1.0.1 – August 12, 2017

New Feature: boxed layout
Fixed: some translatable strings
Updated:the po files

Version 1.0 – August 11, 2017

initial release



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