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Fanfare And Theme For Sporting Heroes



A piece of orchestral music that perfectly encapsulates this particularly epic summer of sport that we are having. So many events, so many athletes, so many heroes – not just as individuals but also as teams. This music is designed to inspire, and also to invoke memories and nostalgia of past sporting events, and invites dreams of future sporting events.

While this track is geared towards a sporting theme, it would fit any project in film, television, games, or advertising & commercial work that requires motivation and inspiration as the driving force behind it.

TRACK SPECIFICS (what’s included)

1) Fanfare And Theme For Sporting Heroes (Full Version)


The full version of the track without any editing.

Length: 3:33

2) Fanfare And Theme For Sporting Heroes – (Fanfare Only)

Description: Just the fanfare part of the track. This occurs at 3:08 in the full version. I’ve edited it for your convenience.

Length: 0:23

3) Fanfare And Theme For Sporting Heroes – (Short Version)

Description: A 90 second edit of the full track. It incorporates the fanfare twice, and the main theme once.

Length: 1:30


Track available in both WAV and MP3 format. Please contact me if you need additional music editing.

Thanks for listening. I hope you will find a good use for this track in your projects.

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