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Inspiring Heroic Epic Kit

Emotional epically music, with piano, orchestra and choir. Perfect for historical video, advertising, event, youtube.
Main instruments: piano, strings, horns, choir, brass, orchestral percussion

Original track:
Inspiring Heroic Epic

Included Demos:
Demo 1 (2:15)
Demo 2 (1:50)
Demo 3 (1:23)

Included Song Sections:
01_Intro_A_(0:01)_Rise Fx
02_Verse_A_(0:12)_Piano, Strings
03_Verse_B_(0:12)_New Chords
04_Chorus_A_(0:12)_1-st Part (+ Drums)
05_Chorus_B_(0:15)_2-nd Part (+ Stop Time)
06_Verse_C_(0:12)_Piano, Strings
07_Verse_D_(0:12)_+ Brass
08_Chorus_C_(0:12)_1-st Part (+ Choir)
09_Chorus_D_(0:12)_2-nd Part (+ Tubular Bells)
10_Chorus_E_(0:12)_3-rd Part
11_Chorus_F_(0:12)_4-th Part (+ Rise Fx)
13_Intro_B_(0:01)_Timpani, Rise Fx



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Vocals Background Vocals/Harmonies
Bit Rate 320 kbps
Sample Rate 16-Bit Stereo, 44.1 kHz
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Composer MusicalSmile
Tempo (BPM) 79 (2/4)
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