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Multipurpose NGO – Loan, Deposit & Interest Management

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NGO is an PHP & mySQL Based Web Application for multi purpose co-operative society. Its an strong platform for manage Loan, Deposite & Interest from 100% secure Backend. NGO is Best Platform ever For proper management and utilization of microcredit, microfinance, insurance, Deposite Scheme, Installment Based Loan & Many more. Its 100% user friendly, Easy to Use, Easy to Manage, Fully Responsive, Included Staff Access, full Transection & Billing System, Fully Management of Loan & Deposite and many more….

Frontend Features:

☞ Fully Responsive Design.
☞ Random Banner.
☞ Related Menu’s.
☞ Easy Contact Form.
☞ Deposite / Loan Log Sheet.
☞ Top Loan Package.
☞ Top Deposite Package.
☞ Fully User Friendly Design.
☞ LOAN Installment Notification.
☞ Deposit Installment Notification.
☞ Loan Return Notification.
☞ Deposite Interest Notification.
☞ SEO Friendly URL.

STAFF Features:

☞ 100% Secure Login.
☞ Informative Dashboard.
☞ Manage Loan.
☞ Manage Loan Installment.
☞ Manage Deposit.
☞ Manage Deposite Interest.
☞ Create New Loaner.
☞ Create New Depositor.
☞ Loan Installment submit.
☞ Deposite Installment Submit.

ADMIN Features (Deposit):

☞ Details Based Dashboard.
☞ TOTAL Deposit Installment.
☞ Deposit Management.
☞ New Deposit Create.
☞ All Deposit Report.
☞ Create New Deposite Package.
☞ Deposit Package Management.
☞ Installment Type Management.
☞ All Type’s Of Installment.
☞ A to Z Transection Ledger.
☞ All Installment History.
☞ Paid / Unpaid Deposit.

ADMIN Features (Loan):

☞ Details Based Dashboard.
☞ TOTAL Loan Installment.
☞ Loan Management.
☞ New Loan Create.
☞ All Loan Report.
☞ Create New Loaner.
☞ Create New Loan Package.
☞ Loan Package Management.
☞ Installment Type Management.
☞ All Type’s Of Installment.
☞ A to Z Transection Ledger.
☞ All Installment Ledger.
☞ All Interest Ledger.

Admin Features (STAFF Management):

☞ Create New Staff.
☞ Manage All Staff.
☞ Staff Collection Report.
☞ Installment Submit Report.
☞ New Loaner Creation Deatils.
☞ New Depositor Creation Deatils.

ADMIN Features (Frontend Settings):

☞ A to Z Dynamic.
☞ SITE Menu Management.
☞ SITE Menu Content Management.
☞ SITE Banner Management.
☞ SITE Logo Management.
☞ SITE Title Management.
☞ SITE Template Color Management.
☞ Homepage TOP Content Management.
☞ Homepage Footer Content Management.
☞ Social Link Management.
☞ Frontend Testimonial Management.
☞ Multiple Currency Management.
☞ Contact Details Management.
☞ Address Management.

Demo Access:

Frontend: http://ngo.rexbd.net/
Admin Access: http://ngo.rexbd.net/admin
Admin Login: User & Pass: admin

Staff Access: http://ngo.rexbd.net/staff
Staff Login: User & Pass: staff

Support Facility:

Please send us your product presale query, after sales developer support request, customization project and any other queries to our dedicated support: admin@rexbd.net



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