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PHP Event Calendar

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v2.16b Released – Feb. 28th, 2012


PHP Event Calendar is a MySQL Database driven script that displays events on your website quickly and easily through a traditional calendar UI. It can be integrated into any existing PHP page within minutes using a simple file include.

It features a simple yet advanced Administration Panel with secure login sessions, from within this you have full control over your calendar events and gives the ability to Add Events, Search & Edit Events, Delete Events from your calendar and so forth.

Live Demo

View a demo of both the main installation and admin panel!

Main Features

  • Easily export to iCal or Google Calendar
  • Fully translatable to any language!
  • Switch between US and UK date formats
  • Optionally define a start and end date for an event
  • Several theme colours included! (Grey, Green, Red and Blue)
  • Cross-Browser Compatible (IE6+, FF, Safari)
  • Simple MySQL Database Backend
  • Calendar uses 1 CSS Style
  • jQuery Lightbox for Day Event
  • Integrated Secure Login Script
  • Admin Control Panel
  • Add Events in seconds
  • Displays upcoming events
  • Search Events feature
  • Edit Previous Events Easily
  • Delete a previous event

Online Documentation

You can view the installation guide and FAQ’s by following this link.

Server Requirements

Supports PHP 4.x or later
Supports MySQL 4.x or later (Requires 1 Database)

Can be tweaked or modified once purchased if you know the PHP language.


Please contact us with any questions you may have, full online documentation and support FAQ’s included with the file for simple integration in your existing website or as a stand-alone product.


23/02/2012 - Version 2.16b
    - Fix: Typo in functions.php
23/02/2012 - Version 2.16
    - Fix: Calendar view wasn't showing US/UK displays
    - Fix: dbconn.php showed reverse US/UK dates in the comments
    - Update: calendar.po translation file
18/01/2012 - Version 2.15
 - New: iCal Export
 - New: Choose either US or UK date formats to display (change in dbconn.php)
 - Rearrange asset files (img, js, css in separate folders)
08/01/2012 - Version 2.13
 - Allow for translation on front-end
 - Easier dbconn.php and translate.php files for editing
23/12/2011 - Version 2.12
 - New: Section in admin panel for "All Events" with pagination
 - Fix: Bug where events wouldn't show on months without leading 0s
 - Fix: Events not of today's year wouldn't show
12/12/2011 - Version 2.11
 - Now 100% translatable! php_gettext required
 - Replace old variables from v2.0 still in certain places
 - Wrap a href tags only around events on the front-end
 - Correct the date format in day_view.php
12/12/2011 - Version 2.1
 - New: Start and End date for events
 - Major code rewrite on the admin pages -- tons more efficient
 - More user friendly admin panel
 - Default to US date format
11/11/2011 - Version 2.0
 - Fix "No, back" button to save data.
 - Fix all undefined index variables.
 - Fix time shown on day_view.php so that it separates (functions.php).
 - Add back and add new event buttons after submitting or editing an event.
 - Update jQuery plugins (tinymce, calendarpicker, ui core, colorbox).
 - Remove outdated jQuery 1.3.2 core and keep at latest version with google's API.
 - Remove calendar.php href dependancy.
 - Bundle jQuery UI core and datepicker in one .js
 - calendar.sql security
15/02/2011 - Version 1.6 Javascript call fix, removed depreciated session functions, code improvements.
05/01/2011 - Version 1.5 Minor fixes added
17/11/2010 - Version 1.4 Start day option
21/10/2010 - Version 1.3 Bug fixed which prevented HTML in the description.
29/09/2010 - Version 1.2 Padded month out with days from prev/next month so that days stay in columns consistantly.
06/07/2009 - Version 1.1
 - Added WYSIWYG Functionality in Admin Add/Edit Pages.
 - Modified Day View lightbox UI for easy reading of multiple events.
24/06/2009 - Version 1.0 compiled for public usage.

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