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Ultimate WP GDPR Compliance Toolkit for WordPress

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Ultimate GDPR Compliance Toolkit for WordPress

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) standardizes data protection law across all 28 EU countries and imposes strict new rules on controlling and processing personally identifiable information (PII).
From 25 May 2018 every website collecting data from EU citizens must need the GDPR requirements.

Ultimate GDPR Plugin is all-in-one solution for your website.

Is your Website GDPR Compliant?

Ultimate GDPR Plugin is all-in-one solution for your website.

Complete GDPR compliance toolkit plugin for WordPress

  1. Meet ALL GDPR REQUIREMENTS, such as:
    • Data Access – Dedicated form for Users to access currently stored personal data,
    • Right to be Forgotten – Dedicated form for Users to request deletion of stored data,
    • Browse user requests for data access/deletion and set custom email notifications
    • Privacy Policy – set up redirects for your Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy pages until consent is given
    • Cookie Consents – create dedicated box for Cookie Consent and block all cookies until cookie consent is given
    • Automatically add consent boxes for various forms on your website
    • Data Breach – send global email notifications about data breach
    • Pseudonymisation – pseudonymize some of user data stored in database.
  2. Predefined integrations for most popular WordPress plugins like WooCommerce, Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms, Mailchimp, Events Manager, BuddyPress, Formidable Forms and more!
    • Check currently activated plugins for GDPR compliance
    • Easy integration for custom plugins
    • Manage everything easily via your WordPress admin panel
    • 5* Customer Support
    • Online Documentation


  • Cookie Detector – check what cookies your website is using with 1 click
  • 3rd Party cookies support – we can block any cookie you need with our Service Manager
  • Advanced Cookies Management Panel added
  • New language versions added – Please note, that we use only human translations, done with care by professionals:
    • German
    • French,
    • Spanish,
    • Norwegian,
    • Russian,
    • Polish,
    • Italian,
    • Dutch,
    • Croatian,
    • Romanian,
    • Hungarian,
    • Slovak,
    • Czech
    • Danish
  • Improved integration with Google Analytics
  • Possibility to display cookies consent box in the top panel
  • Auto update functionality added to the plugin
  • Compatibility with Quform WordPress Builder Plugin
  • Compatibility with Facebook Pixel
  • BuddyPress Integration
  • Formidable Forms Integration
  • Adding custom link to Privacy Policy
  • Right to Rectify form added
  • 34 different cookie box styles


1.6.8 (30.10.2018)

- feature: Compatibility with CF7DB plugin was added.
- feature: Compatibility with LayerSlider WP plugin was added.
- feature: Improving Jetpack compatibility.
- feature: Added option to hide 'Unsubscribe' tab.
- feature: added 30 new Cookie notice box styles

- improvement: Fixed responsive design for cookie list.
- improvement: Admins will be informed about the number of pages which scan failed.
- improvement: Admins will be able to see the addresses of the pages which scans failed.
- improvement: Admins will be able to do a second scan for the pages which couldn't be scanned the first time. 
- improvement: Swedish translation added. 

- bugfix: Variable options are no longer blocked for the WooCommerce Variation Swatches plugin.
- bugfix: The non-registered users could receive credentials or emails addresses of other users (Mailster).
- bugfix: Some cookies were still blocked despite activating correct group.
- bugfix: Spam issue from the gdpr-dummy@createit.pl solved
- bugfix: Fixed the styling of the Cookie List

1.6.7 (03.10.2018)
- feature: Additional option to require administrators to accept 'Terms and Conditions' and 'Privacy Policy'. 

- improvement: improved compatibility with WooCommerce Shipping Tracking plugin.
- improvement: Content protection shortcode functionality improved.

- bugfix: Dummy user account now will be removed after cookie scan is finished.
- bugfix: Terms and Conditions redirection settings fixed.

1.6.6 (26.09.2018)
- feature: Google Analytics - Tracking users anonymously now is available.
- feature: Compatibility with GA Google Analytics plugin was added.
- feature: Compatibility with Disqus Conditional Load was added.
- feature: Compatibility with Caldera Forms was added.

- improvement: Fixing minor style issues Cookie scanner.
- improvement: Extra space under the data rectification tab was removed. 
- improvement: improving caching for WP Rocket.

- bugfix: Privacy center Cookies will open the correct tab of User Settings of User Settings.
- bugfix: MY ACCOUNT email subject translations fixed.
- bugfix: Data access requests couldn't be accessed via the backend view.
- bugfix: Activating the Ultimate GDPR plugin causes error 500 for non-logged in users.
- bugfix: Some of the local cookies weren't blocked despite the "block all" option enabled.
- bugfix: Added solution for the error 500 at submitting a data request in WP Admin.
- bugfix: Error show on the page when accessing the Privacy Policy page as not logged in user.
- bugfix: Non-logged users weren't able to access Privacy Policy page when the option  "Require not logged in users/guests to accept Privacy Policy (redirect)" was enabled.
- bugfix: Fixed minor styling issue with cookie modal skin.
- bugfix: Data access form reload instead of showing a message on site.
- bugfix: Cookie notice box - impossible to add a background image.

1.6.5 (05.09.2018)
- feature: added new cookie info skin (Classic Light).
- feature: added compatibility with Mail Bank – WordPress SMTP Plugin.
- feature: added compatibility with Delivery Date for WooCommerce.
- feature: compatibility improvements for PHP 5.4+ version. 

- improvement: updated the information about plugins compatibility.  
- improvement: cookie popup skin style improvement. 

- bugfix: 'show only icon option' for trigger button was fixed.
- bugfix: service consent checkboxes labels are clickable.
- bugfix: Improving the compatibility with the WP Rocket caching plugin fix.
- bugfix: Fixing Italian translation used for the plugin.
- bugfix: eFORM - The Cookie Consent is not showing at the end of the form - fixed.
- bugfix: js incompatibility issue with Drift plugin fixed.
- bugfix: solved problem with not saving the text added as 'User mail content'.

1.6.4 (16.08.2018)
- feature: Option to automatically send data to all users on their request (without admin confirmation);
- feature: Option to automatically delete user's data on their request (without admin confirmation);
- feature: Privacy Center shortcode - render all privacy links in one place;
- feature: Compatibility with Ninja Forms added;
- feature: New cookie notice skin added;
- feature: Option to upload custom image for cookie notice background;
- feature: Danish translations added,

- improvement: minor style improvement
- improvement: improved pluign speed
- improvement: fonts are loaded locally now;

- bugfix: TGMPA legacy compatibility;
- bugfix: Plugin style's conflicts resolved;

1.6.3. (02.08.2018)
- feature: Protection shortcode added - content which requires cookies consent will be blurred until consent is given.
- feature: 3 New Cookie Modal styles added.
- feature: Google Ads and Google AdSense compatibility added.
- feature: Service names now can be edited for 'Forget me' form.
- feature: Cookies Settings and Services Manager Export/Import option added.
- feature: Services names in Forget Me Form now can be edited.
- feature: Klaviyo plugin integration added.
- feature: Metorik Helper integration added.
- feature: PixelYourSite Pro integration added.
- feature: wpForo plugin integration.
- improvement: Emails of recipients in Data Breach notification are encrypted now.
- improvement: Ultimate GDPR Services will work correctly with WPML 
- improvement: Improving style compatibility with premium themes. 

- bugfix: Setting language via pages settings fixed.
- bugfix: Issue with cookie consent info for non-logged users when WP Rocket plugin fixed.
- bugfix: Editing labels in Advanced settings fixed.
- bugfix: Scroll issue after Saving & Closing Privacy policy fixed.
- bugfix: Removing WP User data via Right to be forgotten issue fixed.
- bugfix: Autofill for the Lists of features section fixed.

1.6.2 (12.07.2018)
- feature: Cookies consent log now contains also non-registered users consents, based on IP or user agent.
- feature: Cookies Content settings and Service export added.
- feature: Downloadable logs will also contain user e-mail (If the user has an account on site).
- feature: Added compatibility with MailPoet Newsletters plugin.
- feature: Added compatibility with Flamingo plugin.
- feature: Added option to remove data storage consent to unsubscribe page.

- improvement: Added possibility to write a simple text in Service's Expiry Time.

- bugfix: Sessions cookies will be blocked on site.
- bugfix: Page scrolling problem after using Advanced Settings modal fixed.
- bugfix: Custom checkbox in registration form bug fixed.

1.6.1 (04.07.2018)
- optimization: improved security - stored XSS fixed - issue appeared only for logged in users;

- feature: BeaverBuilder compatibility added;

- bugfix: cookie detector conflict with other plugin cron jobs fixed;
- bugfix: plugins autoupdate bug fixed;

1.6.0 (29.06.2018)
- improvement: Speed improving (modified CSS and added fonts from files instead of links)
- improvement: Added custom options for styling Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions buttons
- improvement: Translation files updated

- feature: Compatibility with eForm added
- feature: Option to hide groups level
- feature: Select privacy group after the user accepts cookies in the popup

- bugfix: GDPR Tabs will not be blocked by a script conflict
- bugfix: Gravity forms consent checkbox structure was fixed
- bugfix: Fields in Services options are fixed
1.5.9 (18.06.2018)
- feature: Added option to prevent redirecting bots
- feature: Added ACF compatibility.

- improvement: Added cURL compatibility.
- improvement: Moved Google analytics option from path Services > Google Analytics to Cookie Consent > Google Analytics Tracking ID
- improvement: Improved the Ultimate GDPR option view (updated confusing descriptions)

- bugfix: Custom phrases from Cookie popup and Adnavced Cookie Popup Cookie can be now translated (fix for Polylang and WPML plugins)
- bugfix: New style in backend is loading without any issues.

1.5.8 (16.06.2018)
- feature: Added human-readable file added to stored data mail.
- feature: Added customization options for the Terms And Conditions and Privacy Policy buttons. 
- feature: Wordfence compatibility added.
- feature: bbPress compatibility added.
- featured: Added option to display Cookie Modal on site using a link.
- feature: Cookie scanner functionality improvement and new loader design. 

- bugfix: Privacy policy link is not working in Personal Access Tab.
- bugfix: Job Manager checkbox available in Forget me Tab even when the plugin is not installed.
- bugfix: IE11 error in console when the plugin was activated on site.
- bugfix: Cookie popup still visible after giving consent
- bugfix: Not possible to Save&Close after changing settings in Cookie Privacy Settings
- bugfix: WPML translation improvement.
- bugfix: # added when clicking the Save&Close button.

1.5.7 (11.06.2018)
- bugfix: WooCommerce variations are not accessible when Ultimate GDPR is active.
- bugfix: Cookie content loader fixed for Czech and Portugese languages.
- bugfix: Cookie Modal Content translation improvement.
- bugfix: Plugin will no longer create a problem for the main menu of the site.
- bugfix: Yoast SEO General settings now work correctly when Ultimate GDPR is active.
- bugfix: Cookie whitelist minor frontend bug fixed

1.5.6 (07.06.2018)
- feature: Option to reload the page after changing the cookies settings;

- bugfix: Menu styles with enabled pseudonymzation fixed;
- bugfix: Slovak language added to content importer;

1.5.5 (06.06.2018)
- feature: WP Job Manager compatibility added
- feature: Gear icon can now be edited
- feature: Text can now be added to gear icon
- feature: Simple Paypal Shopping Cart compatibility added

- bugfix: Redundant paddings removed added to the site when using Advanced Cookie Groups popup.
- bugfix: Translations update,

1.5.4 (31.05.2018)
- feature: Whitelist Cookies option added;

- bugfix: Avada theme compatibility improvement;
- bugfix: Flatsome UX Builder compatibility fixed;
- bugfix: Privacy Policy/Terms and Conditions redirected fixed;

1.5.3 (30.05.2018)
- feature: translation files will be always up to date. No need to unpack them manually anymore.
- feature: Compatibility with WordPress GDPR settings.

- bugfix: Cookie popup is visible on the site for UE users when 'Check if the user is from European Union' option is check.
- bugfix: Autoupdate notification fixed.

- optimization: no need to install Advanced Custom Fields PRO manually anymore

1.5.2 (29.05.2018)
- feature: Wordfence Security compatibility tested;

- bugfix: 'Detect Cookies' functionality security improvements;
- bugfix: Cookies popup is not displayed fixed
- bugfix: Cookie popup display for EU countries fixed;
- bugfix: Wordfence and mod_security compatibility improved.
- bugfix: [render_cookies_list] shortcode can now be added in cookie popup content;

1.5.1 (25.05.2018)
- feature: Cookie Modal UI improved,
- feature: Plugin can be enable only for EU countries,

- bugfix: Memory usage optimization,
- bugfix: Looped script in 'Detect Cookies' fixed

1.5 (24.05.2018)
- bugfix: some services post types not being created
- bugfix: custom privacy page url malformed
- bugfix: services post types menu not displaying
- bugfix: acf plugin dependency notice not visible

1.4 (24.05.2018)
- feature: Cookie Logger - detect all cookies used on your website 
- feature: Render table with cookies information: [render_cookies_list] shortcode added 
- feature: Revoke Terms & Conditions and Private Policy option.
- feature: If no user's data saved in DB - no attachment is sent to user.
- feature: Download Consent Log option - download cookies, Privacy Policy and Terms&Conditions consents' logs.
- feature: Additional options for changing cookie notice look.
- feature: Compatibility with Mailster - Email Newsletter Plugin for WordPress.
- feature: Cookie notification buttons labels now can be edited via admin panel.
- feature: Cookie Settings modal now can be editable.
- feature: Custom URLs for Privacy Policy and Read More (from cookie notification) now can be defined
- feature: Adding 'Block all' to Cookies consent advanced option

- bugfix: Improved plugin update functionality.
- bugfix: Privacy settings modal adjustments for mobile view.
- bugfix: Privacy settings description not updating correctly
- bugfix: Privacy settings advanced option will show the correct information what site will do and won't do.
- bugfix: POT file misspelling and grammar updates
- bugfix: Problem with HTML content for email message fixed
- bugfix: Google Analytics once blocked will never come back
- bugfix: Cookie popup translation problem when using Loco Translate fixed
- bugfix: Not able to add comment when the checkbox is not added.
- bugfix: YouTube cookies can be blocked on the site.
- bugfix: Compatibility issues with Visual Composer 5.4.7 fixed
- bugfix: Avada compatibility fixes added

1.3 (23.04.2018)
- feature: Advanced Cookies Management Panel added.
- feature: New language versions added: German, French, Spanish, Norwegian, Russian, Polish, Italian, Dutch, Croatian, Romanian, Hungarian, Slovak and Czech.
- feature: Improved integration with Google Analytics.
- feature: Possibility to display cookies consent box in the top panel.
- feature: Auto update functionality added to the plugin. 
- feature: Compatibility with Quform WordPress Builder Plugin
- feature: Compatibility with Facebook Pixel.

- bugfix: Style fixes update.
- bugfix: Placeholder link fix for Terms and Conditions.
- bugfix: Issue with Data Access when using WPML plugin (data was stored only for the main language).
- bugfix: Right to be forgotten request does not show up in the backend and all the fields within the settings become empty.
- bugfix: Translating Cookies popup content custom text.
- bugfix: Fixed problems with Gravity forms checkbox issue.
- bugfix: Removed 'Ultimate GDPR' string from translation.
- bugfix: Admin will receive requests notifications from Forget Me option.

1.2 (10.04.2018)
- feature: BuddyPress integration added.
- feature: Formidable integration added.
- feature: Custom link can be added to Privacy Policy.
- feature: Creating contact form for Right to Rectify

- bugfix: Forget email confirmation link fix.
- bugfix: Typos fix. 
- bugfix: Service wp user filter priority change.
- bugfix: Text domain folder set to both wp-content/languages/plugins and wp-content/plugins/ct-ultimate-gdpr/lang.
- bugfix: Conflict with Antispam by CleanTalk plugin script was fixed.
- bugfix: Cookies are visible on all pages despite the settings.
- bugfix: wp post service collects too much data fix.
- bugfix: wpml full compatibility fix

1.1 (03.04.2018)
- feature: Added compatibility with Formidable Forms.
- feature: GDPR plugin integration with BuddyPress data access.

- bugfix: Redirecting option for Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy was fixed. 
- bugfix: Improved code quality.
- bugfix: Ultimate GDPR was blocking cookies despite the chosen option.
- bugfix: Issue with translating plugin using PO and MO files.

1.0 (28.03.2018)
Initial release

Disclaimer: We are not lawyers and this item cannot replace lawyer’s advice. We have tried to make it as accurate as possible to handle GDPR requirements, but if you need a definitive legal advice for your business, you have to hire an attorney. As createIT we are not responsible for your website GDPP compliance and we can’t be held accountable for any legal issues.



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